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Odd an application of formula switch manostat
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Odd a LM25762-ADJ of formula switch manostat form Buck transformer, not stable volts d.c. still uses method of linear power source to obtain, output volts d.c. maintained the characteristic with wide successive and adjustable range of linear power source already, have the advantage with switch efficient power source again, circuit is simple, practical strong.

Keyword: Manostat of switch of? of entangled of  an ancient nationality in China

1 foreword

Switch power source with its bulk small, weight light, converter efficiency is tall in be being applied extensively at electronic equipment. Its circuit develop attacks have a variety of forms, the switch power source of transformer of the frequency that do not have labour has appeal most, but this kind of power source applies to output voltage to secure only or the circumstance with not big span, and unwell with the requirement output voltage extent changes very big or successive adjustable circumstance. Use sheet piece LM2576-ADJ of formula switch manostat replaces linear manostat to make type of series connection switch regulated power supply, need to increase follow on current only in circuit diode and store can inductance a few yuan of parts of an apparatus, make circuit more concise, outside eliminating the advantage with a wide successive and adjustable range of wired sex power source, make power source efficiency got rising substantially at the same time, it is when load is lighter, do not add radiator to also can work normally, make overall weight and bulk decrease somewhat again.

Brief introduction of LM2576-ADJ of 2  

What company of NS of LM2576-ADJ United States produces is odd a manostat of step-down formula switch, wait for a part to comprise by switch of modulator of amplifier of oscillator, sampling, comparator, PWM, power. Use TO-220 to enclose, only 5 pin, appearance and canal of body of model Feng Jing are about the same. Its functional-block diagram and bring a foot to if pursue,be arranged 1, the graph is shown 2 times.

Functional-block diagram of LM2576 of   of graph 1

LM2576 of   of graph 2 brings a foot to arrange   of   of   of      

LM2576-ADJ is output voltage is adjustable model, its technology parameter is: ? of Cong Yun Miao. 5 ~ 40V; outputs voltage 1. Oscillator of 3A; of electric current of output of 23 ~ 37V; secures frequency 52kHz;TTL to shut ability and low power to reserve condition; has heat to shut protect a function with current limliting. Circuit of its representative application if the graph is shown 3 times (output voltage is successive and adjustable) , when dc output end is received directly at control carries 4 feet, can output fixed voltage. LM2576 series product is the substitute of the regulator of sex of 3 end line that shows popularity.
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