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Three-phase of low-pressure electrified wire netting is lopsided problem
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In recent years, because city farming net is transformed,reach strengthen manage for using fulgurite, make the economy of power supply enterprise and social benefit had rise apparently. But a few units are strengthening management, fall while caustic is energy-saving, saw a lot of become apparent phenomena only, and enough to improving a respect to lack about the technology attention.

The three-phase of low-pressure electrified wire netting puzzles one of main problems of power supply unit namely all the time evenly, low-pressure electrified wire netting is mostly via 10 / 0. After 4KV transformer step-down, with three-phase 4 lines are made to user power supply, it is the power supply network that three-phase production mixes operable phone with report and single-phase load. Installing when receiving single-phase user, power supply branch should divide single-phase load balancedly receive go up in three-phase of A, B, C. But reach in real work in moving, the neglect of the mark of circuit, personnel that receive report plus as a result of single-phase user cannot accuse to add look, high-power of single-phase load receive and the when differring sex that single-phase load uses phone, what caused three-phase load is lopsided. If low-pressure electrified wire netting is in three-phase bear is lopsided degree of bigger case next moving, will cause undesirable effect to low-pressure electrified wire netting and electric equipment.
The importance that three-phase of 1 low-pressure electrified wire netting balances

Three-phase bear is the foundation of safe power supply evenly. Three-phase bear is lopsided, light the power supply efficiency that reduces circuit and distribution transformer, because heavy load photograph is overweighted and overmuch,meet again, the likelihood causes some photograph lead to be burned, switch is burned-out even distribution transformer is single-phase the serious consequence such as burn down.

Three-phase bear just can assure the electric energy quality of the user evenly. Three-phase negative charge is serious asymmetry, neutral site potential can produce deflection, circuit pressing falls and power loss can increase greatly greatly. Receive the single-phase user in heavy load photograph on the low side of easy occurrence voltage, efficiency of not bright, electric equipment reduces electric lamp, the problem such as urine pump easy burn down. And receive the single-phase user in photograph of small negative charge on the high side of easy occurrence voltage, the likelihood causes electric equipment insulation puncture, shorten electric equipment service life or attaint electric equipment. To dynamical user, three-phase voltage is lopsided, can cause appearance of electric machinery overheat.

Three-phase bear poises is managing specific power consumption, fall the foundation that caustic depreciates. Three-phase bear is lopsided will produce lopsided tension, increase voltage deflection, increase neuter line electric current, increase circuit loss thereby, carry out a proof, three-phase bear is usually lopsided can cause line caustic rate to lift 2 % - 10 % , three-phase bear is lopsided if exceed 10 % ,spend, criterion line caustic increases significantly.
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