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Safeguard basically of manostat product daily
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Status of job of fixed in use process perambulatory manostat, the temperature rise that checks compensation transformer and booster is normal, whether does load exceed rating. Whether does input voltage exceed formulary range, pressure regulating system and main transfer machinery (the chain that includes drive, reducer casing) the job is regular, brush rocker of 6 groups of carbon has deny become loose, whether is carbon brush same a plane go up point-blank, the contact is good, the question that raises with the above-listed does not allow to exist, so one but discovery hind must be solved in time, come up against difficulty problem to should inform us connection settles way in time, lest damage equipment.
Suggest every 3 months make care and maintenance to manostat, safeguard content to include:
1 eliminate manostat the dirt of each component and bilge
Component of 2 examinations electric equipment has deny damage, if have damage, must change in time.
3 pressure regulating main transfer machinery of systematic reducer chain is normal, should keep lubricant, the degree of degree of tightness of corrective chain, change to already damaged or the carbon brush with big wear extent piece, press with benzine and booster of pillar of cotton cloth wipe up implement coil, those who make is smooth be like new, if have burnable place, apply 0 fine arenaceous make light in time.
4 had done safeguard record