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The minor failure that does not have contact manostat eliminates
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This series manostat is the latest technology that introduces international communication regulated power supply, the assorted winding with its oneself advanced gather amends way, without contact switch, personal computer control exchanges stabilized voltage technology at an organic whole, achieve efficient and energy-saving, adjust malfunction of self-poise of fast, three-phase, inorganic instrument and carbon brush wear away, have delay time to start, over- , owe pressure, acousto-optic call the police to wait for a function with protection, this manostat is revolutionary at the same time solved system and parts of an apparatus to run transient process to arise to having contact switch place in all concussion of voice electric current and overvoltage place are caused damage, it is product of home's at present new-style regulated power supply.
This manostat should connect airing dry place to use indoors, requirement of its use condition is stricter, deposit of the gas that installs a place to should not have insulation property of serious effect manostat, vapour, chemical sex, dirt, fat bilge and other are volatile with caustic medium, should bump without serious vibration.
Manostat is in in arriving at installation site process, should light put down gently, manostat should is in from beginning to end perpendicular up condition, must not endure wind, snow, ice, hail.
Before manostat is debugging installation, must inspect facility first each component should in good condition nondestructive, secure should firm and reliable, affirm again, use circumstance voltage and manostat voltage whether conform to, this equipment is three-phase 4 lines are made, means of split phase adjustment, its system central line (0 lines) the dependability demand of coupling is higher, should reduce central line (0 lines) the osculatory resistor of coupling. This equipment must good put through the earth, ground wire cannot with line of power system iterative earth (central line and with edge of ground wire photograph) use jointly, improve interference rejection performance in order to make sure safety is mixed.
Electrify examination should contrast strictly the function on the manual, if any doubt seek advice with manufacturer connection please, in order to affirm whether the machine is in completely normal moving condition, be sure to keep in mind!
This manostat introduces below the trouble removal in use process: Appear pressure quick resistor is dissilient
① is pressed quick resistor is bad;
The smooth electric coupling of photograph of ② its correspondence damages;
The module of silicon controlled rectifier of photograph of ③ its correspondence damages;
The transformer of photograph of ④ its correspondence damages. Occurrence fuse-link is burned, cause trouble acousto-optic call the police
① fuse-link is bad;
The smooth electric coupling of photograph of ② its correspondence damages;
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