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The use of accumulator and maintain
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Although maintenance-free batteries does not need to undertake maintenance the work technically artificially when use, but there still is particular demand when use, if use the service life of batteries of undeserved meeting influence.
The factor that affects battery service life has the following: Installation, temperature, fill discharge electric current, charge deepness of voltage, discharge and charge for a long time etc.

1) batteries installation
Batteries should be installed as far as possible in clean, shady and cool, ventilated, dry place, should avoid to get the influence of sunshine, heater or other radiate heat source. Batteries Ying Zhengli is placed, cannot tilt angle. Join of the terminal between every batteries wants firm.

2) environmental temperature
Environmental temperature is bigger to the influence of batteries, environmental temperature is exorbitant, can make batteries charges too generation gas, environmental temperature is too low, criterion
Can make batteries undercharge, the service life of this metropolis noisy batteries. Because this asks environmental temperature is controlled in 25 ℃ commonly, float of hill spy UPS fills voltage to be worth also is to press this temperature to come of set.

3) fill discharge electric current
Batteries fills discharge electric current to express commonly with C, the real value of C and batteries capacity are concerned. Citing will tell, if be the batteries of 100AH: C = 100A. The optimal charging current of batteries of acerbity maintenance-free of the lead below the pine is 0.1C left and right sides, charging current can be more than 0.3C anything but. Charging current crosses big or too small metropolis to affect the service life of batteries. Discharge electric current asks to be in commonly 0.05~3C, UPS can satisfy this requirement in be used normally, but the happening that also should prevent accident situation, be like batteries short circuit.

4) charge voltage
Because UPS batteries is belonged to,reserve working way, town report is in below normal circumstance charge condition, only the ability when power cut can discharge. To prolong the service life of batteries, the charger of hill spy UPS uses the means control of constant voltage current limliting commonly, after batteries is full of, turn to fill position for float namely, every float fills voltage setting to be controlled for 13.7V. If charge voltage is exorbitant can make batteries charges too, can make conversely batteries undercharge. Charge voltage is unusual, the likelihood is by batteries configuration mistake is caused, or cause because of charger breakdown, because this is when installation batteries, must notice the validity of the norms of batteries and amount, the batteries of different specifications, different lot number is not mixed with. Adscititious charger does not use inferior charger, and should consider to come loose when installation hot issue.

5) discharge deepness
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