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Basic knowledge and common breakdown safeguard manostat
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Reason of breakdown of phenomenon of serial number breakdown eliminates a method to voltage is outputted but flabby pressure (volmeter directive is not stable) 1. Bad or volmeter is not accurate measure output voltage with avometer, whether is affirmatory volmeter indicated accurate, be like attaint or do not give truly definitely change. 2. Input voltage is not inside 160V~250V limits, carbon brush is in ultimate position, if input voltage to exceed range,this machine already cannot adjust, should adjust the outside to input voltage 3. Wiring mistake (did not receive 0 lines) three-phase regulated power supply is three-phase 4 lines make wiring, the input must receive 0 lines (if input of product of three-phase 1.5kVA ~ 4.5kVA did not receive 0 lines, output voltage to may appear line voltage of 400 much bend over or the circumstance of line voltage of 300 much bend over) 4. Voltage of circuit board sampling forbids to adjust the potentiometer on circuit board (the step up that arrange tone, turn over a step-down) 5. Product dirt retention causes carbon brush to get stuck dead to clear too much the dirt inside the product, grind a face to undertake burnish to coil, ensure the surface is bright and clean 6. Circuit board is bad change circuit board 7. Electric machinery short circuit or card are dead, electric machinery does not turn change electric machinery 8. Load is the sensibility that starts often or look sex load to change the laden means that start, size that increases manostat or power supply 9. Compensation coil solder of 0 lines empty (the line becomes loose) solder afresh 0 lines 2 output without voltage (volmeter is not indicated) 1. Be pressed too or owe pressure cause without output. Input voltage is not inside limits, lamp of face plate relevant indication illumes adjust the outside to input voltage 2. Three-phase product input did not receive 0 lines or be short of, output contactor was not sucked close, without voltage output, the carbon brush random on coil is rotational, noise of switch of carbon brush spacing, the likelihood has appeared to press, owe press law of indicator light random to shine wait for a phenomenon strict according to three-phase 4 lines make add of wiring method wiring watch

2 output without voltage (volmeter is not indicated) 3. Circuit board bad or receive plug-in unit ageing to contact undesirable examination to circuit board receives plug-in unit to whether become loose or oxidize rusty, be like as good as often may be circuit board attaint, need to change circuit board 4. Coil damages (user type selecting crosses small or long-term overload to cause coil short circuit to damage) by afore-mentioned type selecting methods reasonable choose manostat capacity 5. Plug was not inserted prison, without the input voltage checks power source electrical outlet, make plug is inserted prison. 6. Fuse is burned