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The breakdown of magnetism saturation manostat reachs the overhaul
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The breakdown of magnetism saturation manostat reachs the overhaul

Magnetism and manostat use primary circuit to offer stable working voltage, it is the precondition with stable tube current, when its malfunction, with respect to the tube current of unavailable stability, generally speaking, the breakdown of manostat happens on syntonic capacitor more.

(one) the breakdown of syntonic capacitor

Want syntonic capacitor occurrence trouble only, manostat will lose stabilized voltage action, specific phenomenon and breakdown reason differ somewhat.

1. Annulus of a short circuit appears on core of capacitor of resonance of syntonic capacitor puncture, make manostat does not have output almost. Right now, manostat has apparent buzz, feeling manostat coil has warm up apparently, x ray is in charge of filament not to shine, even fuse fusing. If measure its,output voltage at this moment, voltage directive number is extremely small.

2. Capacitor capacity changes a capacity, syntonic loop detuning, manostat output voltage will follow input voltage to change and change, what milliampere sees express pressing with a finger to follow guiding principle of power source volmeter when exposure is fluctuant and fluctuant.

When the examination, can be carried in the input of manostat and output end to receive one span to be the alternating voltage watch of 300V each, be in output termination one appropriate load (if use the bulb of a 220V, 100W) , switch on the mobile phone and adjust input voltage changes inside stabilized voltage limits, eventuate output voltage changes along with what input voltage and change.

3. Syntonic capacitor switch is become when capacitor open a way, syntonic loop not answer exist, also arise without syntonic electric current, below regular job voltage, manostat cannot achieve magnetism saturation status, cannot obtain stable voltage output of course.

Capacitor happening afore-mentioned trouble are much because of capacitor itself quality not beautiful or natural life-span be caused by, change commonly can return to normal after the capacitor that is the same as model.

(2) manostat core clip is held become loose

The area of saturated core cut of manostat is lesser, leakage magnetism is more, oscillatory reputation is bigger, when core clip holds easy generation is very old bee song when becoming loose, make even all round secure what not firm metal content also gives out vibration to bleat sound, not only video of working environment quiet, serious when circuit of video even other and the stability that element works.

Clip manages an account that become loose, the likelihood is not fixed when assemble close, because be used for a long time,also may be hind make clip is held screw becomes loose.

When repairing, core of manostat of only essential solid all around the close solid screw of pressing plate can. The component all round solid manostat matters in the meantime, in order to eliminate or abate and oscillatory sound.
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