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Manostat of high-power electric power maintains and maintain -
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Reason of breakdown phenomenon breakdown eliminates a method:

Breakdown phenomenon

Breakdown reason

Eliminate a method

Cannot start

Whether has appearance sequence altered input power supply cord to change sequence of input line appearance inputs block of sequence of appearance of power supply cord to had altered appearance sequence to protect circuit to make mistake it is on circuit board stop JO contact short circuit closely pushbutton manages open circuit position stop pushbutton DA restoration closely

Cannot start a hand to move

Control means does not have report

Pressure adjust a function

Spacing switch is out of order or line of spacing switch link falls off change spacing switch or had received link line litre, step-down pushbutton is out of order, the contact is bad to change line contact of source of pushbutton report Electromechanical is bad to receive good power supply cord electric machinery is bad change electric machinery brush brush of board card dead rehabilitate board transmission chain falls off or disconnect repair chain

Manostat does not have automatic square function

Circuit board 1 foot with 2 feet 3 feet do not have voltage, sampling transformer bad change transformer

Manostat exports worth of voltage deviate stabilized voltage

Adjust SCTJ potentiometer does not have reaction, SCTJ bad or circuit board is bad change potentiometer or circuitry board input voltage exceeds manostat limit to input voltage to be able to work normally inside limit

Output voltage oscillation

Output voltage precision crosses tall adjustment JD potentiometer, value of floor level voltage and value of upper limit voltage, difference a few is pulled greatly

Did not press protection too

Protective circuit makes mistake change circuit board protects relay J4 is bad change J4

Ability of stabilized voltage load drops

Brush is short of caustic to change brush brush and contact of circle of air line ball are undesirable adjust brush bedspring pressure and brush position load to whether reduce load inside manostat limit advocate loop fastener becomes loose advocate loop fastener comes back close laden down-lead grows too meticulous reduce down-lead pressing to fall shorten down-lead is apart from enlarge down-lead

Manostat of high-power compensation formula is safeguarded and maintain item

1) this manual is read please before manostat investment moves, know its function, function and its use condition.

2) load current should not allow a value more than.

3) input voltage is inside limit, output voltage not to answer firmly to undertake checking instantly surely. Input voltage allows to exceed range, if the change that outputs voltage is not big to user influence, can continue to move. When the input voltage returns limit inside, output voltage can keep automatically stable namely;
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