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Lash-up regulated power supply maintains item
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Analysis of breakdown of lash-up power source and eliminate:

(1) town report is regular but indicator light of lash-up power source is not bright, or fingering of lash-up power source shows lamp LCD menu to show " AC, LOSS " . The cable link that checks the town report breaker that supplies urgent telegram source or breaker to go up is nice, eliminate a method, change breaker, check receive cable.

(Whack issues 2) town report, buzzer calls the police sound, should check lash-up power source to output, bear is overweighted, if overload,should disconnect the part is laden.

(3) breakdown indicator light is bright, load of examination transmit electricity has short circuit, or control circuit has breakdown and inverter humidity exorbitant or charger breakdown, disconnect to lash-up power source inputs breaker and be contacted with distributors please.

(4) does not have output function when power source of the lash-up when town report stops, whether is the jumper between examination batteries group or input electrical outlet contacted good, eliminate a method new link lead.

(5) lash-up power source lies between 3 months to maintain, the condition of experiment batteries uses cleaner or clean soft cloth wipes housing and ventilated grille aperture.