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The compensation general principle that communicates regulated power supply reac
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As the development of product of electric home appliancesDraw together: Use the magnetism saturation manostat of LC syntonic principle, original of this kind of manostat little, structure limits of simple, stabilized voltage capability of wide, overload is strong, but loss big, noise big, volume is heavy, use now less; Use the magnetism saturation principle, electronic communication manostat that uses magnetism amplifier to adjust, ever applied extensively at each domains for a time, be like the manostat of 614 series electron of inchoate production, precision of stabilized voltage of this kind of manostat is tall, but circuit is complex, workmanship demand is higher, because the price is higher, electric home appliancesDo not see more about exchanging the technical data of manostat, data of a few maintenance comes loose see at a few magazines and the press, a lot of manufacturer stem from a few reasons to match blueprint rarely now, cause maintenance technician of a few electric equipment to gain comprehensive knowledge hard to the principle of all sorts of manostat, often bring difficulty to maintenance. Actually, no matter be the communication manostat of the sort of type, it is by groovy fundamental circuit place is comprised, better to fundamental circuit knowledge electric equipment repairs personnel, maintenance is not difficult. The author is in real work, combine scale of particular in kind to give circuit picture, undertake brief analysis to circuit principle, the hope can give electric equipment maintenance technician a few reference. The graph is the block diagram of this kind of manostat, t1 is from Ou transformer, town report is received after establishing ties with core inductance L3 and SCR of two-way silicon controlled rectifier, cause output when town report voltage or laden wave motion when voltage changes, reach what trigger controls two-way silicon controlled rectifier to guide current flow angle is spent through sampling circuit, comparator, change the electricity that carry, the size that changes U of compensation voltage △ then and phasic, achieve stability to output the purpose of voltage thereby. L3 uses the voltaic weaveform that flowing silicon controlled rectifier passes, l2, C2 comprises harmonic series connection 3 times to wipe brace up spur track, l1, C1 comprises spur track of resonance of harmonic series connection 5 times, use filter to give Gao Cixie wave to improve electric current and output voltage weaveform. To avoid the maximum pressure that out of control of regulated power supply appears, output still was installed to press protective circuit too in circuit, through relay J cuts off loop to realize protection to load.
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