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How does manostat batteries maintain
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UPS batteries is batteries of airtight type maintenance-free commonly, but the person that the proposal is used 3 do discharge test to 6 months, observe batteries capacity indicator light changes, in order to understand at present batteries condition. Other batteries maintains detect the method is as follows:
1. is visual detect whether does batteries appearance have be out of shape or expand leakage fluid phenomenon.
2. postmortem batteries, - extremely whether to oxidize?
3. detects whether does batteries terminal become loose
4. measures batteries end to charge voltage. (The normal value of each batteries is 13.7~13.8Vdc)
5.UPS batteries is used longer, maintain regularly should jump over concentrated, avoid town report to interrupt UPS cannot delay time power supply.
6. suggests use environmental temperature is between ℃ of 0 ℃ ~40, prevent sun point-blank and keep clean and ventilated.
The personnel that 7. responsible batteries maintains suggests to be in next directive execution of professional engineer to batteries maintains or ask professional engineer to carry out, avoid case getting an electric shock to happen.