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The environment that how depends on oneself comes UPS of choose and buy? Collect
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1. is in the environment with electric power right tone (be like uptown with shopping centre) , the appearance with unusual electric power often does not happen, computer equipment can use system of uninterrupted from line type cable (OFF-LINE UPS) , purchase cost in order to reduce. But if power quality not the environment of beautiful (if) waits near industrial district, suburb, power plant, and material of soft hardware equipment is not concessional because of power character issue breakdown, had better be to choose online uninterrupted cable system (ON- LINE UPS) , caikedi offers the protection with more perfect equipment.
The power supply means of 2.UPS can be divided for means of centralized power supply and means of dispersive power supply two kinds.
Means of 2-1. centralized power supply is to point to by an UPS to each laden centralized power supply in integral circuitry.
Means of 2-2. dispersive power supply is to show power source of much stage UPS is laden to multichannel dispersive power supply.
The actor defect of 2-3. concentration and means of dispersive power supply is specific as follows:

Means of centralized power supply facilitates administrative wiring asks high reliability is inferior cost is high
Inconvenience of means of dispersive power supply asks at managing wiring low reliability is higher cost is low