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High accuracy compensates type communication regulated power supply
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Product introduction:
Summarizing high accuracy to compensate type communication regulated power supply is a kind with sheet piece small processing controller is a handling center, control overlay of much group transformer with electronic switch for actuator advocate device of a kind of when loop amends working way and with silicon controlled rectifier stepless adjustment compensates winding to establish ties the novellest communication stabilized voltage, it has stabilized voltage precision efficiency is tall, tall, answer fast, belt laden ability weaveform of strong, power source is lack fidelity small, inorganic fetterses gearing and carbon brush wear away, maintenance-free, job reliable, noise capability of low, interference rejection is strong, have delay time, press too, owe press and, its application is wide, it is the equipment of power supply source with all sorts of the most appropriate facility using phone that need tall reliable, tall stability, it is current the technology is the most advanced the practical communication regulated power supply with highest content of science and technology, it is to replace product of optimal of tradition communication regulated power supply.

Limits of stabilized voltage of technical index input is single-phase 187V - 253V/ three-phase 323V - 437V
50Hz±2Hz of   of   of   of frequency    
Output 220V±1% of   of voltage    
≤±0.5% of source voltage effect
≤±0.5% of   of   of laden effect  
Undee and lack fidelity   ≤3.5% (add)
Answer   of time     ≤80ms
≥95% of   of   of   of efficiency     (be fully loaded with)
Press ≤245±4V of   of protective     too (single-phase)