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Shanghai Shan Jie is electric limited company
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Shanghai Shan Jie is electric limited company is major is engaged in development of power source product, design, production, sale, service the company of new and high technology at an organic whole. The company holds to"With sincere for this, excelsior, Do one's best is perfect "management concept, make full use of Shanghai is in the resource advantage of the respect such as talent, information, traffic, finance, trade. Company
Since establish, early or late with Zhejiang university, university of Chinese science and technology, the academic orgnaization clasp such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Heavy gold nots hesitate in the meantime, introduce Taiwan and United States to be in the mature technology of power source domain, invite accumulated one large quantities of is in job of power source industry is old, have quite solid theory and practice experience, be familiar with the brainpower of the high quality of characteristic of Chinese electrified wire netting and skilled worker group. My company designs production strictly according to ISO9002 standard, the product of high grade power source that already developed a variety of 100 norms to get used to characteristic of Chinese electrified wire netting completely now. Sell a company to offer OEM to order for much home at the same time make.
Shan Jie is electric depending on abundant actual strength, outstanding talent, masterly technology, outstanding character, after making work to before the client offers seasonable, considerate, spotless carry out, be mixed
Service. Go no matter, mix now in the future, shan Jie's person will as always with " the spirit of enterprise of " of high grade, sincere letter and all circles personage cooperate hand in hand, progress jointly.

Power source of our product frequency conversion, shed regulated power supply continuously, communicate regulated power supply, power source of power source of transformer, inversion, UPS UPS, EPS, charger
Power source product applies extensively already at computer room, finance, negotiable securities, computer to control device now, system of post and telecommunications, electric power, medical treatment, broadcasting television, factories and mines is enterprise or business unit and family expenses report
Implement wait for a domain.