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Communicate the principle of manostat and maintenance
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According to national relevant specification, communicate manostat cent to be two kinds: One kind is servo type, " the electron signs up for " 2002 the 22nd period the 6th edition already introduced; Another kind is by relay or switch of two-way silicon controlled rectifier from type of Ou transformer take a percentage of a deal. Type of switch take a percentage of a deal communicates VA of k of article introduction ASP5 relay the working principle of manostat and maintenance example.
One, working principle
1 . Stabilized voltage principle summarizes: According to the control plate circuit of objective mapping the graph sees graph 1 , advocate return figure sees a picture 2, of 4 relay when electrify works suck add up to a circumstance to see subordinate list. We but according to the graph behavioral law analysis gives the 2 relay with the record in subordinate list stabilized voltage principle. Switch S2 closes to " town report " when a side, manostat output voltage and town report voltage are identical; Switch S2 closes to " stabilized voltage " a side, when depress of town report report at 167 V, j1 ~ J3 all does not suck relay close, input report crimp is on the 143 V take a percentage of a deal of transformer T, suck via J4 of electric equipment of succeed of appropriate delay time close, the voltage that transformer T carries sends toward output end through contact of J3, J4, output voltage classics step up apparently and get promoting substantially; When the input voltage is achieved or summary prep above when 167 V, j2 is sucked close, input report crimp arrives on 167 V take a percentage of a deal, output voltage to also be promoted at this moment, but extent wants than on one kind of circumstance small; When the input voltage is controlled in 190 V or slightly tall when, j2, J3 is sucked close, the input is received go up in 167 V take a percentage of a deal, output voltage is carried from 190 V derivative, voltage promotes two hot season; When inputting voltage to be controlled in 220 V, j1, J2 is sucked close (the movement of J2 does not produce an effect to outputting voltage) , contact of input and J1 of output end classics, J3, J4 connects directly; When the input voltage exceeds 220 V relatively a long time, j1, J2, J3 all is sucked close, the input is received to 220 V take a percentage of a deal, output voltage from 190 V take a percentage of a deal derivative, present step-down state. J4 is used at delay time and overvoltage protection. How does circuit of analytic graph 1 dominate 4 relay to carry out stabilized voltage by afore-mentioned regular motions below.
2. Stabilized voltage uses relay behavioral course: J1 ~ J4 gives 4 relay after the commutate of D3 of ~ of D1 of diode of classics of voltage of 14 V take a percentage of a deal of transformer T and C1 filter wave coil power supply, the circuit of simple stabilized voltage that comprises by resistor R12 and D9 of stabilized voltage canal is other circuit power supply. A1 ~ A4 is 4 carry put LM324, use as here voltage comparator. The fraction that resistor R17, R18, R19 constitutes approachs return, and the fraction that R13, R14 constitutes approachs return, offer fiducial voltage to A3 of comparator A1 ~ ; The order that its value presses A3, A2, A1 is ordinal increase, when the sampling voltage discretion that accordingly the head delivers among potentiometer VR1 changes (voltage of town report input is added in relay J1-COM is communal upright, wave of filter of classics D4 commutate, C3, VR1 is adjusted obtain sampling voltage) , the relay that place of meeting occurrence subordinate list shows behavioral law. More special is town report when the input is controlled for 220 V, j1 is sucked close, as a result of the feedback effect of R22 and D10, will make A3 fiducial voltage elevatory, so J1 sucks the J3 when closing to release. After this if town report voltage continues to lift, sampling voltage is corresponding and elevatory, still can make J3 is in suck close position.
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