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320Mvar of world head stage is special high-pressured reactor experiments throug
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On March 9, 2008, by our country the own design, international electrify that makes independently controls social estate shunt-wound reactor of high pressure of the 1000kV with highest, the largest size, 320Mvar passes all type to experiment in Xi'an. This is paralell connection of high pressure of afterwards 1000kV, 240Mvar after reactor, the 2nd kind special the high tension line encircles kind of product to pass experiment test and verify successfully, indicate high-pressured communication project obtains an our country spy own innovation obtains manufacturing industry of significant progress, electrical engineering equipment major breakthrough.

Since 2005, xi'an finite responsibility is in electric transformer on the west below the constituent deploy of company of national electrified wire netting, begin to throw a large number of resource to undertake scientific research tackles key problem, draw lessons from domestic and international congener product adequately to make the experience lesson that move, listen to the advisory opinion of domestic and international expert seriously, had the theoretical calculation of comprehensive system and many model test, devoted gigantic endowment undertook 1:1Prototype trial-produce, study repeatedly, prove repeatedly, optimize repeatedly. End item uses structure of two column series connection, in partial discharge control, local overheat control and oscillatory noise are restrained waited for a respect to use multinomial international banner technology. Test result makes clear, the insulation of the product is able to bear or endure suffer each function such as ability to satisfy project requirement completely, and achieved international the top level of congener product.

Company of national electrified wire netting is particular many senior experts inside company of CESI of academy of experiment of electric power of academy of high pressure of Wuhan of network of academy of science of electric power of high-pressured construction ministry, China, nation, Shanxi, Italy and course of study experiment to the product undertook whole process is witnessed.