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The stage amounts to transducer to equip machine of products of the most advance
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The stage amounts to transducer to went out the 2nd times recently now the program spot of CCTV CCTV! In " weekly quality reports " the program is told about help medicine " person blood albumin " when production process, the most advanced equipment that configured a stage to amount to transducer -- the electric control wall of detached and serous machine, for the audience people the control that showed its automation, high accuracy produces a course. Current, person blood albumin already became countrywide hospital all medicines and chemical reagents buy the drug with medical maximum amount. As clinical go up the important drug that rescue includes cancer inside to weigh disease and emergency treatment patient, person blood albumin is labelled euqally in our country and other blood products special medicines and chemical reagents undertakes administrative, matter to product quality directly as a result of the serous quality of raw material of this kind of medicines and chemical reagents, so the country begins to having rigid operation standard from the collection of raw material plasma. Want to assure product quality, from come up at all tell, must rely on advanced and reliable machine, equipment to control. This among them, automation facilities energy is spent definitely, the discretion of character, immediate impact is worn product quality. And in all industries, industry of production of food, drug because its characteristic, the reach the limit of strict requirement it may be said to quality -- want height not only automation, hermetically sealed, reliable, and start mediumly in control process, stop, each respect such as pitching moment control wants energy-saving and long-term stability, efficient. The stage amounts to electronic group all through the ages to be famous in industry with offerring high quality automation product, the transducer that applies with this, control stability of accurate, function not only, answered the demand that the client is commanding a respect quickly, utmost is a client managing cost. The stage amounts to electronic group to be in Hua Zi company -- in amount to report to connect rely on its abundant technology actual strength, already offerred the solution with quantity custom-built body for company of aircraft of much home medicine up to now. In the meantime, this also is the stage amounts to transducer the 2nd times to appear in CCTV program camera lens (on July 13, 2006, the stage amounts to transducer application to heat up labour academy in Xi'an, in appearing in program of CCTV news broadcast) . The future that fix eyes on, chinese economy is in fly quickly, and the stage is amounted to also be sure here big setting falls, for a large number of essential industries, main business, provide more high grade product and service, for " China is made " tone guards a pass strictly, provide safeguard!