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Transducer of homebred high end
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Since high-end transducer market is long-term be broken by the firm ice hopeful of foreign brand forestall, the “ that by Jiangsu technology limited company is in the Shanyounikang that visit elder brother to home is developed and own own intellectual property first does not have electric machinery of synchronism of coder permanent magnetism special transducer ” , pass by trade of Suzhou city classics appoint, the appraisal of achievement of science and technology that the branch such as bureau of Suzhou city science and technology organizes.

Experts think: “ this transducer widened greatly the applied limits of electric machinery of permanent magnetism synchronism, harsh environment can be compared in the operating mode such as oil, colliery, large machinery next moving. Differentiate in the parameter that does not have electric machinery of synchronism of coder permanent magnetism and rectify oneself calm, project of speed and positional estimation, software changes design respect to reach home banner, international is advanced level. ”

According to forecasting, potential market is our country transducer 120 billion - 180 billion yuan. And current and active in the manufacturer of many 200 transducer on home market, the market share of card of home made product is occupied only 20% - 25% . Card of home made product the market is had rate is inferior, main reason is the core skill that manufacturer of great majority home all lacks transducer.

The elder brother that held water 2005 the technical group of technology limited company includes Shanyounikang to one batch what international project experiences study abroad homecoming doctor and expert of industry of domestic industry control, their base oneself upon at own innovation, devote oneself to high-end frequency conversion to control the research and development of systematic core technology and product. Those who pass two years of time is difficult do poineering work and technical research and development, the company is in Younikang algorithm of high-end frequency conversion achieved decisive breakthrough on software technology, built the current technology platform that transducer develops, be based on research and development of this platform success to give the lift of permanent magnetism synchronism that owns own intellectual property special transducer. As we have learned, at present this transducer still does not have competitive product in the market, broke the current situation of market of transducer of high end of foreign product forestall, the step aside rising abruptly that is transducer of homebred high end achieved new phase.

Begin from June 2007, the prototype of company trial-produce puts in Younikang to undertake try out in different user. In Chinese Petroleum Company some oil field adopts wildcat test in, the company does not have the electric machinery of synchronism of permanent magnetism of low speed big torque that uses Zhejiang university development and Younikang the chain pumping unit that special transducer realizes electric machinery of synchronism of coder permanent magnetism, compare with photograph of traditional machine of oil extraction of walking beam type, rate of integrated section report is achieved below identical crop 61% .
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