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Monitor of liquid crystal big screen: Do not flourish because of the Olympic Gam
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People guesses before: Market of sale of big screen liquid crystal display can flourish because of the Olympic Games, all these did not become reality now. But, ISuppli predicts “ is in experienced successive after the profit of 3 months glides with the price, LCD market will anabiosis September.

“ comes from June when, big screen liquid crystal display sells the market to be immersed in lair because of supply exceeds demand, whole industrial chain demand is insufficient, invest overheat ” , dash says. (Dash is chief of research of ISuppli company LCD)

The market environment with “8 whole month is more bad, flat economic environment makes the price quicker than what drop before. But, accompany those who follow a LCD crop to drop, of investment decrease, the market is right liquid crystal TV, table computer liquid crystal display, the demand of notebook computer increases, september, the supply and demand of the market can achieve balance ” .

Because of the cause of Beijing Olympic Games, everybody is opposite before of market of TV of Chinese liquid crystal overestimate. But, the natural disaster that 8 years of the beginning of the year of Chinese suffer affected whole market. Altogether, ISuppli says: The Olympic Games makes the some part of Chinese market flourishs, another part lets National People's Congress break place to look however.

8 years first half of the year, the workmanship that LCD produces TV of business general liquid crystal arrives from circle of 6 acting brilliant 7 generation, 7.5 generation arrive again 8 generation. The workmanship of circle of 8 acting brilliant wants than 6 generation many efficient, make the manufacturing segment of whole industry flourishs.

Manufacturing prosperity brought about the fall of price of TV of 8 years of liquid crystal, began to drop from 8 years 15% to 20% .

May, the sale of LCD grows 6.9% , to June when glided 9.6% . Will arrive in May in June, mainstream jotter, monitor, the price fall of TV 4% to 7% , july is to drop more 3% to 15% , estimation will drop in August 4% to 20% .

“ is those who answer a sale to glide, of profit decrease, will begin a supplier to begin to reduce the ” that offer money in July, dash says. The manufacturer of TV of “ liquid crystal and table computer monitor also begins to reduce the fever that the price invests with decreasing likewise, wake up the demand of the market. These measure, the one branch that increases jotter market alone beautiful, will drive liquid crystal display of whole big screen to be in the market September. The price of a few monitor had begun to grow 1% to arrive 3% , especially those are close to or the LCD” under production cost.

Since May, the price of table computer liquid crystal display had fallen 20% to 25% . In July, distributors says to have the odd goods in stock of 1-2 week, channel business and brand machine distributors say to have the odd product of 2-3 week.
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