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Transducer is in the action in cement industry
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As the rapid development of national economy, cement and its goods produced tremendous effect in fundamental construction domain, its industry presents the flourishing picture with an one group exuberant youthful spirit. But the time that learn from abroad as a result of this industry equipment and introduces is earlier, equipment is homebred change time is early also, going up about century 70 time had finalized the design. Come for years, major equipment firm did not adjust product structure, did not have thorough development, and do not continue to introduce new technology again, the technology of 70 time has the century on continue to use production, the means of timing is given priority to with electromagnetism timing for the most part, cause large quantities of specific power consumption the cement products equipment with tall, low function continues to enter the market, and these can effect is moving all the time than very small device, waste electric energy in great quantities.
Cement canal machines origin of easy, raw material low, service life grows extensive, price, and, wide application received in building, municipal construction. Because its construction is convenient and quick,cement manages stake, when the province, the province is versed in and quality is reliable, cost is relatively low, a large number of at the freeway using, bridge, building foundation, dike, in the infrastructure of dock.
Cement controls tubal process
Cement canal picket is one of numerous cement finished products, its manufacturing technology has a variety of, be in charge of the uniformity of tube wall thickness, compact sex to assure cement, using the globallest production to machine craft among them is centrifugal shape law. Centrifugal shaping is pitch of good the burden that finish concrete infuse model in, have low speed mix above all, the electric machinery after mix is even rises fast to middling speed, basic take shape falls in the action of centrifugal force, and concrete gradually close-grained, repass high speed shapes dehydration, whole process ends. The production of cement pole also is to use similar centrifugal and pouring law, its production technology and this cardinal principle are same.
Centrifugal shape the standard is higher to electric transmission requirement, ask to be fully loaded with above all start, the moment of force that start should be in electric machinery above of 100 rated moment of force; Next the time that low speed runs is long, moment of force of requirement low speed is large; Because make,provide machine timing range finally big, provide the quality of picket to assure cement, the requirement is inside limits of whole job speed, rotate speed is stabilized basically. Inchoate timing pattern has mechanical to classification timing, commutate child electric machinery timing, dc timing, electromagnetism timing. Because electromagnetism timing structure is simple, use handy price relatively inferior, accordingly, make a valve in cement in recent years in equipment, electromagnetism timing is used morer. But electromagnetism timing efficiency is low, the efficiency when top rotate speed is 85, speed is more inefficient lower also. The time that cement provides low speed of centrifugal figuration craft is occupied 50 the left and right sides, the bad news when low speed of electromagnetism timing speed can be quite big.
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