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The author of Chinese transformer miracle -- Fang Xiang
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Fang Xiang, in cable is electric general manager of group director, sale, company of 04 year Du Bang " remarkable success award " gainer, character of monthly of a list of names posted up of year of trademark of Chinese industry electric equipment. Compere introduction - Xu Saiming. Reporter of exercitation of net of brand of Chinese industry electric equipment, shanghai university international is industrial and commercial as professional as administrative institute administration. Politic support - Xue Hua, expert of brand of Chinese industry electric equipment, famous organizer. Expert of Chinese electric brand -- image of Shanghai difference company engineers limited company, as electric as China have 4 years - 6 years hand in path and friendship. In the brand practice that serves electric client, in the dialog of electric and as well-known as more China company, in studying to the major of world-famous adversary.

Xue Hua of expert of Chinese electric brand thinks, difference plan has found the following secret: 1, in the shortcut of strong opponent of victory of small electric company, accumulated successful case; 2, large and electric company is made " card of head of Chinese electric brand " , build the strategic idea of international brand. Old market one by one is experienced, difference plan is aggregate the crackajack elite of design of strategy of Chinese electric brand, vision, medium, when letting us make brand of Chinese electric head in fast and integrated resource, handy.