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Interview of president of group of cable of cereal of Shanghai all alone Mr Lin
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Character introduction:

Lin Zanyuan, EMBA of Shanghai traffic university graduates, president of group of cable of cereal of Shanghai all alone.


Main production 110kV and the following discretion control group of cable of cereal of Shanghai all alone cable of balata of an aerial cable of cable of power cable, cross-linking power cable, environmental protection branch, control cable, computer cable, insulation, silicon, ship cable, mining cable, high temperature resistant fireproof cable, compensation, thousands of breed, use extensively at the industry such as electric power, metallurgy, oil, chemical industry, national defence, power station, colliery, traffic, haven, building, the product gets the reliance of broad client and support, choose for place of national priority discipline.

Development of all alone cereal is watched 1 -- the core that the talent is business development

Lukewarm state company comes from domestic business development, the company should grow, basically rely on a talent namely. Foster cadre of a middle-level now very attentively. Suo Gu is very much the talent is to introduce come. Miss Ruan of my company introduces bearer namely just, cadre of management of spin of Shanxi in relief city is before coming.

Rapid development relies on the enterprise the group unites, japanese is to ideal impression of China " one individual Chinese is dragon, two Chinese are bug " , suo Gu should break this kind of argument.

The development process of the enterprise, can encounter a lot of difficulty, if capital inadequacy is waited a moment, but the core that the talent is development of all alone cereal. Liu Bei gave the world " fool " , if hand in Kong Ming, won't fail.

Suo Gu's fortune does not leave offspring, want consecratory society.

Development of all alone cereal is watched 2 -- start in Wen Zhou, develop outer land

Suo Gu adjust measures to local conditions seeks progress.

Wen Zhou this place is good. Lukewarm city reputation is good, millions of say by the mouth only, do not establish written pledge, there are a few on the world.

But willow city artificial salary is expensive, land is expensive, ground of treasure of happy clear gold, the wrongest place also wants 6 million / mu.

And the other place uses the land is free even, want a project to be over there only, enjoy a lot of privilege, if the ground, report, water is waited a moment, ten graduation calculate cost.

So lukewarm city businessman has a word: Start in Wen Zhou, develop outer land.

Suo Gu built manufacturing base 130 mus in Shanghai Feng Xian. Plan of all alone cereal builds cable of cereal of 4 all alone even outerly to produce base.

In recent years we invest those who enlarge pair of Shanxi, plant of a large cable will be built in Shanxi. Shanxi much colliery, the colliery is tall to cable requirement, mining cable all needs to pass national 3C attestation. Before long Shanxi governor inspects to Suo Gu before, think Suo Gu belongs to large company, have development latent capacity.
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