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China and the China Guangdong Nuclear Double CPR1000 regulator manufacturing c
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Recently, China's second Heavy Machinery Group Corporation (China, double) and in Shenzhen, China Guangdong Nuclear has signed a manufacturing contract CPR1000 regulator, total contract value of nearly 3,000 million, this is the first time nuclear power sets of double Equipment manufacturing, China is also double, after following the petrochemical pressure vessels made in the adjustment of product structure, another major breakthrough. Regulator is one nuclear power plant nuclear equipment, its safety, reliability, high stability requirements, manufacturing is difficult, the second contract the contract will be focusing on nuclear power in China manufacture high-end products to win the broader market . In recent years, double the national development of clean energy to respond positively to the call, to promote nuclear power as a dry product structure adjustment and upgrade of the strategic goals, has tackled the tube plate and water chamber head, conical tube section, AP1000 nuclear grade Head Road, forgings, half-speed generator rotor, represented the key to forging manufacturing nuclear grade problems, forming a "nuclear boss, nuclear priority, nuclear strictly" Nuclear culture of companies, with China the second phase focuses on the field of nuclear power equipment to win Have a good reputation, the Chinese double ordering and nuclear power products business will be to a higher product mix, the updated level.